• Adriana Lima - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013.
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  • Adriana Lima graced the Victorias Secret Fashion Show runway for an impressive and illustrious career spanning nearly two decades.
  • 3. It's Adriana's 16th year walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. ... Adriana Lima: "For the girls, you have to have fun and show your own personality.
  • Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2003. Adriana is channeling princess vibes in this super feminine fur and tiara combo (Photo: Getty).
  • Adriana Lima's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Evolution. ... Catch Lima's VSFS sendoff in full when the fashion show airs on Sunday, December 2 on ABC.
  • After walking in 20 runway shows for Victoria's Secret, supermodel Adriana Lima announced that the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show would be her...
  • YouTube - TYRA BANKS in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2000-2006. ... Victoria's Secret fashion show 2017 Adriana Lima preparing to hit the runway.
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  • Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret 2018 show in New York. Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret 2017 show in Shanghai.
  • When news hit this afternoon that the 2018 Victorias Secret Fashion Show might be Adriana Lima’s last, the Internet was aghast.