• Uti-Zen® is a palatable food supplement well accepted and appreciated not only by dogs but as well by cats, often more difficult to please.
  • https://www.cityuvb.com.hk/locale/zh-CHT/product/DERMOSCENT-Uti-Zen-For-Dogs-And-Cats-30-tablets.
  • ...URL : https://www.cityuvb.com.hk/locale/zh-CHT/product/DERMOSCENT-Essential-OTO-Ear-Cleanser-For-Dogs--Cats-100ml.
  • ...https://www.cityuvb.com.hk/locale/zh-CHT/product/DERMOSCENT-Uti-Zen-For-Dogs-And-Cats-30-tablets...
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  • Uti-zen is a supplement for urinary tract in dogs & cats from dermoscent labs. It contains cranberry extract derived from whole berries that soothes the urinary tract and prevents...
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  • After postdoctoral fellowships at MIT and the University of Sussex, she worked as a research scientist at the MRC Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge.
  • The tests that have been carried out have established the excellent palatability of Uti-Zen: 89% of the dogs and 82% of the cats spontaneously 'ate' the Uti-Zen tablets.
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  • Uti-Zen® for dogs and cats (30 tablets). ... 20-40 kg (45-90 lbs): 2 tablets per day. To achieve an optimal result, it is recommended to use Uti-Zen® continuously and regularly.
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  • ...https://www.cityuvb.com.hk/locale/zh-CHT/product/DERMOSCENT-Essential-OTO-Ear-Cleanser-For-Dogs--Cats-100ml.
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